Mutton Shop Near Me in Kolkata


Mutton – the succulent, flavorful meat synonymous with Kolkata – has long been a household favorite, and for good reason!

Arsalan stands as proof. Their original Park Circus store draws large crowds daily for their delicious biriyani, which strikes just the perfect balance between spiced rice and succulent meat.

Bhojohori Manna

Bhojohori Manna provides an expansive menu, featuring vegetarian and non-vegetarian items and seafood specialties at reasonable prices, along with friendly, attentive service that makes for an enjoyable family outing experience.

Bhojohori Manna restaurant has quickly become one of Kolkata’s go-to spots for visitors and locals. Offering authentic Bengali recipes and top service and offering drinks and desserts.

This restaurant features an intimate, cozy setting decorated with vintage Bengali posters. Their menu boasts a selection of dishes, including mutton biryani and chicken dishes, at reasonable prices; portions are generous. In addition, the English version is also available.

Bhojohori Manna, founded over ten years ago by five friends with diverse backgrounds who wanted to provide an authentic Bengali eatery in Kolkata’s heart, took its name from an iconic film song while its business model mimics old world “price hotels.”

Bhojohori Manna offers many mouthwatering mutton dishes on their menu that are sure to please. Some favorites are their mutton chop, shortie began, and ilish Vaishali dishes, and vegetarian options like dhokar dalna, chanar dalna, and chore kalia dishes. For an unforgettable dessert experience, try mishti doi and notun gurer ice creams!

AmbitionBox users give this restaurant an average rating of 4.2 out of 5, but career growth could be enhanced. Work satisfaction remains very high, though. They emphasize customer service and offer training programs to ensure employee happiness. You can learn more by visiting their website; AmbitionBox users also leave reviews to share their experiences at Bhojohori Manna restaurant.

Macher Jhol & Kosha Mangsho

Macher Jhol is an iconic Bengali dish not to be missed while visiting Kolkata. Crafted with fish and mustard oil, simmered with spices and vegetables until light yet delicious, Macher Jhol has quickly become one of the city’s favorite snacks – often served alongside another cuisine such as luchi or paratha – making this local specialty something foodies should experience first-hand during their visit to this region. Macher Jhol is not to be missed when visiting this great city!

While most associate Kolkata with vegetarian cuisine, it boasts some of the finest meat dishes in India – such as its famed puchka. This small dough ball filled with mashed potatoes, chickpeas, and spiced water makes a delicious bite-size snack after a long day on the road! Served with sweet-and-sour sauce is an excellent way to finish an enjoyable experience.

Another must-try dish in Bengal is Kosher Mangsho, a stewed dish prepared using various ingredients and spices for an irresistibly flavorful experience that works well when eaten alongside luchi (an Indian bread roll) or rice. Another local favorite is Koher Dheer, a delicious creamy fish curry famous throughout the city.

Golbari’s Mutton Kosha should be on your must-try list when visiting Kolkata! Slow-cooked with aromatic spices for maximum flavor explosion. Enjoy it alongside steamed rice and luchi! For something similar but with more traditional Bengali dishes, try Chilekotha’s Koosha Mangsho restaurant; their staff has been serving these traditional Bengali meals for decades.

Make sure to end your meal in Kolkata by ordering Mishti Doi for dessert – this traditional Bengali treat mixes rich yogurt with caramelized sugar and is typically served chilled. Don’t miss this chance to satisfy your sweet tooth and indulge yourself during your next trip to Kolkata’s City of Joy!

Bhagirathi Mangsho

Kosha Mangsho is a classic Bengali dish consisting of goat meat (mutton) simmered with spices and mustard oil until tender and flavorful, taking inspiration from Hindi phrases like “koshi taak na yum” (“taak” meaning meat). Any foodie must try this dish for themselves!

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Near the venue are an abundance of North Indian dhabas and eateries offering delectable North Indian fare at competitive prices. Enjoy spicy delicacies like samosas and aloo paratha, or indulge in something sweeter like Sharma Snack’s crispy jalebis or Gupta Sweets’ variety of delicious goodies.

Kolkata is home to many authentic Chinese restaurants offering delicious fare at reasonable prices, such as Nalban’s chicken siu mau and spring rolls or the indulgences at 8th Day and Roastery Coffee House – perfect for an indulgent date night meal!


Biryani is one of India’s favorite dishes, and Kolkata’s biryani is widely considered its premier variety. Boasting a long and rich history that dates back centuries, its popularity remains a staple dish across restaurants in Kolkata. Made with fragrant rice layered with melt-in-your-mouth pieces of tender mutton meat flavored with aromatic ghee-dripping flavors as well as delicate components of melty meat served over soft egg cubes or potatoes with mild, subtle spices compared to other Indian varieties of biryani dishes such as those found elsewhere across India.

Biryani originated from Persian cuisine and is a dish composed of layers of meat and rice cooked together in a sauce made of herbs and spices and served over steaming white grains. While its origin remains unknown, numerous biryani variations are available, from vegetarian versions to meaty riffs that can make up this classic meal.

Kolkata biryani can often be found sold by roadside vendors with red cloth-covered handis. While its flavor might not compare with what one sees at restaurants, its popularity has skyrocketed since the COVID lockdown, and it can now be found almost everywhere around Kolkata.

Biryani is a staple in various parts of India, each region boasting its distinctive version. Hyderabadi and Arcot biryani tend to be spicier than Kolkata’s more delicate offering, which marinates meat with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and cardamom; similarly, Delhi/Awadh versions tend to use more robust spices that tend to bring out their true potential in this dish.

Prep is vital to making delicious biryani! When starting, start by gathering all your ingredients together, weighing and prepping everything before heating the rare or pan. Next, grease it lightly with ghee before adding bay leaves at the bottom to add aroma and prevent burning. Finally, layer up your ingredients like mutton and potatoes, followed by biryani masala and rice. Top it off with more ghee, yellow food color (saffron/yellow food color is best), extra ghee, and scent (Kewra/rose water). Repeat steps as required until complete!