How TechCrunch Compares to ZDNet


A website dedicated to all the latest technology news. A must-read for anyone wanting to stay current. Featuring articles covering tech gadgets, startup companies, and much more.

TechCrunch provides various advertising solutions for brands wishing to connect with its highly engaged readership, such as sponsored content and run-of-segment placements.

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TechCrunch is an indispensable source for tech news and digital innovations, serving as a news site and digital information database. TechCrunch should be your go-to read if you want to stay on top of innovations!

The site boasts one of the finest editorial teams in business, covering cutting-edge tech trends and startup companies while providing opinion pieces and investigative journalism.

TechCrunch provides news of the latest tech innovations and hosts Disrupt conferences where quirky inventors compete to present to investors and media members. Due to its extensive coverage, its readership includes those interested in emerging tech developments – earning it a high domain authority ranking.

FBIA offers access to 17 million highly engaged readers each month, such as executives, venture capitalists, engineers, and business decision-makers. Furthermore, this offering allows direct engagement with TechCrunch’s community via rotating run-of-site placement or exclusive homepage roadblocking.


VentureBeat provides information about new gadgets, tech startup funding opportunities, and general tech news on management strategies, cloud computing, or technology trends.

This site is known for its innovative topics and comprehensive technology coverage from all angles. Among its team of writers are Harrison Weber, Dean Takahashi, Dylan Tweney, and Morwenna Marshall – making this must-read reading material for tech enthusiasts everywhere!

Geekwire, run by CBS Interactive, offers news across various technology verticals, including companies, software, mobile, etc.; its science section is one of the best.

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TechCrunch is a viral website that profiles new Internet companies and tracks their progress, featuring them multiple times daily with frequent updates for a large reader base. In addition, TechCrunch covers significant tech advancements like Microsoft’s transition to cloud services and Michael Arrington’s ability to profile promising startups from Silicon Valley.

CrunchBase rankings indicate a company’s success and popularity, helping increase the organization’s visibility, credibility, potential investors, customers, and SEO (search engine optimization).

Comparably has been revealed that Gizmodo’s leaders possess an in-depth knowledge of their employees’ OKRs and KPIs, setting clear goals and providing clear guidance to their teams, allowing employees to focus on their work more productively, thus increasing the company’s culture score in comparison with other businesses on Comparably.


ZDNet is an information hub for business technology. The site covers topics including IT management, cloud computing, and data centers and offers an analysis of current tech trends through a blog. ZDNet can be an excellent resource for IT professionals while featuring interviews with top technology companies.

InfoWorld is another fantastic alternative to TechCrunch that publishes news about technology for enterprise use, covering topics such as IT management, leadership, and cloud computing. IT managers and directors widely utilize InfoWorld, which also features white papers and analytics tools on its site.

CSS Tricks stands out from this list because of its focus on Web development, covering things such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Furthermore, they’re very active on social media and frequently host events – it makes an excellent alternative to TechCrunch for those interested in this field of knowledge!