VentureBeat Review – Who Owns VentureBeat?


VentureBeat is an online media company that specializes in technology innovation. Their news and analysis give executives, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts vital tools for making wise decisions.

As with many modern media entities, VentureBeat relies heavily on industry sources for most of its revenue, creating a severe problem in terms of journalism: something which appears as PR is indistinguishable from being written as journalism.

VentureBeat is a media company.

VentureBeat is an online media company specializing in technology news and innovation, founded in 2006 and based in San Francisco, California. They aim to offer their readers a unique perspective on innovation within technology; their site features stories about entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large corporations alike, as well as topics such as cloud computing, mobile apps, games, and health tech.

VentureBeat caters to an influential group that includes investors, business decision-makers, and technologists; adding VentureBeat press release distribution as an option offers an effective means of reaching this audience.

It is a content provider.

VentureBeat, established in 2006 and headquartered in San Francisco, provides technology innovation news. Specializing in emerging technologies and providing business executives, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts with essential insights for making intelligent decisions, this site covers everything from social to mobile; small business to enterprise; health tech to cloud; cloud gaming to games. Businesses can incorporate VentureBeat into their press release distribution efforts to reach highly targeted venture capital funds, influencers, and tech industry leaders.

Reliability in sourcing depends heavily on the context of an article; for example, an opinion piece written by a plastic surgeon might be more believable than one covering a tech startup’s funding round.

It is a technology website.

Technology websites are an invaluable source of information on the newest devices, apps, and gadgets. They cover topics such as mobile phones and headphones, entertainment/science coverage, expert tech product reviews, and offer discounts for the most popular products.

Some top technology websites include PC Magazine (formerly Ziff Davis), The Verge, and Gizmodo. These acclaimed publications are well known for providing in-depth reports and breaking news and offering a vast array of free e-books about modern technologies.

MarketWatch, an American financial information website, is another acclaimed tech website. Offering up the latest stock market and business news, personal finance advice, and company news updates. Providing investors with various tools such as an online portfolio manager and stock screener, MarketWatch is a trusted source for business leaders and corporate professionals.

It is a news site

As with other media entities, VentureBeat has struggled in the modern era. Magazine sales are down, and revenue mainly comes from industry sources. Due to this development, some serious concerns regarding independent journalism have surfaced; for instance, VentureBeat refuses to disclose funding sources because they are private.

VentureBeat published an article this week about Scoutbee, claiming it to be a supplier discovery platform powered by artificial intelligence. Furthermore, VentureBeat reported that Scoutbee received $12 million in Series A funding from HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, 42Cap, and Toba Capital.

After reading the article, however, it seemed that VentureBeat was disseminating a press release from Scoutbee and providing readers with a “contribute” button at the bottom of each page to donate money directly to them. VentureBeat allowed companies to pay them money to distribute press releases via VentureBeat rather than providing trustworthy journalism – it makes no sense to ask people to support VentureBeat when it’s promoting content they already pay for from other sources.