How to Find a Battery Shop Near Me in Kolkata


Shopping for batteries can be a tedious and time-consuming experience, involving going from store to store and searching for suitable battery dealers.

GoMechanic can connect you with professional battery dealers that sell top brands such as Exide, Luminous, and Okaya batteries backed by warranties. Their knowledgeable salesperson will assess your power requirements before offering an appropriate battery solution.

1. Sulekha

Finding a reliable dealer when purchasing a car, UPS, inverter, or generator batteries can be challenging. To do it right, you may need to visit several shops and compare products before selecting your purchase – an expensive process that could waste your time and money. To save both time and money, you could utilize search engines; these will help you quickly locate top-quality batteries at reasonable rates.

Purchasing a submarine battery that meets all standards and technical specifications can also be beneficial. Lithium-ion batteries offer long-term power solutions with reduced maintenance requirements compared to traditional lead-acid batteries; installation by qualified personnel ensures the long-term performance of this type of battery.

Exide, Amaron, AMTEC, Okaya, SF Sonic Luminous, and DigiPower batteries from top companies like Exide can meet your power needs with high-quality products from trusted dealers in Kolkata. Their technicians will assess your power demands to determine the appropriate battery size before installing it – not to mention attractive discounts and other perks!

As a business owner, you understand the significance of receiving high-quality leads for your company. Failing to follow up can leave opportunities open to competitors; Sulekha offers an AI brilliant listing service that will route your request directly to Exide battery showrooms and dealers nearby.

Sulekha is an online service connecting millions of buyers and thousands of service providers. Based in Chennai, India, and employing more than 100 people – CEO Satya Prabhakar holds U72900TN2002PTC049739 registration with CIN number U72900TN2002PTC049739 with registered office address No 143, Second Floor RMZ Millennia Bus Campus 1A Dr MGR Road Kandanchavadi Tamil Nadu India; revenue doubled over three years while customer retention stands at 98%.

2. Tradeindia

Tradeindia is an online B2B portal dedicated to small businesses in India and worldwide, offering online catalogs, Call Me Free service, and credit reports. Furthermore, it participates in global and domestic trade shows, first launched in 1996 under Infocom Network Ltd’s ownership.

Tradeindia currently features 34 APC battery products from Kolkata-based sellers at prices ranging from 1,200 INR to 1,50,000 INR; you may get better discounts by purchasing multiple items at once. Use the Trust Stamp feature to find reliable sellers; brands available include Exide, XL Battery and EBS Batteries, Inverter Battery, UPS Battery, and Industrial Battery Solutions.

3. Google Maps

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Locating an affordable battery shop can be challenging in Kolkata. But GoMechanic provides a list of trusted dealers offering top-quality brand batteries at reasonable prices, plus installation services with quick and efficient results. Their technicians test and install every battery purchased – plus a warranty is provided with each. Plus, their services are fast and efficient!

Car batteries are essential to proper operation, with optimal battery life estimated to last three to five years, depending on their condition and driving habits. Any signs of battery malfunction should prompt you to seek help from a local dealer as soon as possible.

Google Maps reviews are an effective way for businesses to attract customers. However, it is essential to remember that these reviews may be removed if they violate Google’s terms of service or prove unhelpful – in recent weeks, Google has acknowledged this was indeed the case and restored these reviews from several accounts that had them incorrectly removed by mistake.

4. Facebook

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Kolkata offers several battery dealers offering quality batteries with extended warranties, such as those from Amazon, AMTEC, Exide, Luminous, and Su-Kam batteries. Many provide excellent customer service and installation at minimal costs – something many dealers do.

GoMechanic can assist in diagnosing car starts that don’t start correctly due to low battery charge or other problems that impede its proper charging, including broken ignition circuit fuses or accessories causing issues, installing affordable batteries at affordable costs, repairing accessories that cause trouble or installing new ones where needed – as well as troubleshooting any other problems you might be having with accessories causing trouble in the first place! Their main aim is customer satisfaction, so their goal is always going above and beyond to meet their customer‘s needs and exceed them while exceeding them every time! Contact them by phone or visit their website today; GoMechanic strives hard to ensure customer satisfaction by going the extra mile to meet their customer’s needs!