How to Hide Comments on Instagram Live As a Viewer


As you stream a live video, comments may become distracting or annoying; fortunately, these can be hidden by selecting “Hide Comments and Emojis.” Select the best private instagram viewer.

Though Instagram no longer allows viewers to block specific comments, moderation tools can help filter offensive words and phrases from live videos. Furthermore, you can download a Chrome extension tailored to manage Instagram comments.

Turn on commenting

When going live on Instagram, enabling the comment feature lets your followers engage with your content more authentically and create an immersive and engaging experience. However, it’s important to note that some comments may not be suitable for your target audience and take steps to filter these out accordingly. These could include spam comments from fake accounts or offensive language being sent.

While viewers of Instagram Live cannot hide comments, hosts can take steps to prevent unwanted and inappropriate ones from appearing on your stream. Keyword filters manually filtering or reporting observations are effective ways of keeping viewers engaged and enjoying your content.

To turn off comments on Instagram Live, tap on the three vertical dots next to the comment box at the bottom left and choose Turn off commenting. Alternatively, from the profile view, tap on three horizontal lines in the top-right corner and select Settings and Privacy.

Once comments on Instagram Live have been disabled, you can still communicate with your audience through private messages. If a comment violates Instagram’s community guidelines, report it by tapping the chat icon and selecting “Report comment.” Your report will be reviewed before being approved or denied and removed from view accordingly.

To enable comments back onto your Instagram Live videos, tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper-right corner and select Settings and Privacy. There, toggle off “Hide offensive words and phrases” to prevent comments that contain specific words or phrases from showing during live videos; additionally, you can add any particular terms or phrases you don’t wish for to this list so they won’t appear again later on posts, stories, or lives.

However, it should be noted that Instagram Live comments have been temporarily disabled in its latest app update, and it remains to be seen if this feature will return at some point in the future. As an alternative, the BrandBastion Lite Platform offers efficient conversation management tools that effectively handle conversations around both paid and organic posts on Instagram and other social networks.

Hide message requests

Instagram provides various features that allow you to connect with and engage your followers, including live broadcast videos on your account. While these live videos offer an intimate look into your life and are an engaging way to connect with followers, it is essential that you fully consider the ramifications before engaging them – for instance, if comments affect negatively your broadcast, there may be ways of disabling or hiding them altogether.

Hide comments during a live video by tapping and holding on the screen until a tab appears, then selecting “Hide comments.” Your comments will disappear from view until the broadcast has concluded, helping you focus on content without distractions during live video viewing sessions.

Instagram also allows users to easily control which comments appear in their profile feed by disabling certain ones that Instagram deems offensive or inappropriate. To do this, navigate to your profile and select the menu button (3 horizontal lines). Select Settings > Privacy > Comments, then enable Filter generally offensive words by toggling its switch on; once allowed, enter any words separated by commas that should be blocked as part of this filtering feature – these can also include keywords most often reported by users.

While hiding comments during Live broadcasts helps protect viewers and promote a positive experience, moderating them also helps ensure unwanted or spam comments do not appear during your stream. You can use various moderation tools, including keyword filters, manual hiding, and blocking comments from certain people.

If a harmful comment appears during a Live video, you can report it by tapping it and choosing “Report abusive.” When asked why it needs to be said, provide your reasons and follow any instructions on-screen.

Hiding comments on Instagram Live can be extremely helpful for broadcasters and their followers. Hiding words helps create a safe and respectful atmosphere during live streams while blocking spam or unwanted comments that might disrupt them. From turning off all comments to keyword filters or manually hiding comments during a Live broadcast – this technology will improve your social media experience and give your streamer an enhanced viewing experience.

Manage offensive words and phrases

Instagram is a social media platform that lets you engage with your followers by posting photos, videos, and live streams. However comments on these posts can sometimes be inappropriate or harmful and distract from what the host wants viewers to experience. To combat these concerns during a live broadcast, Instagram allows hosts to hide these comments, enabling them to focus on providing quality content without distraction and ensuring a better viewer experience.

Block specific users or words you don’t wish to appear on your stories or posts quickly by accessing this feature on your profile and selecting the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner. Once there, select Settings, then Privacy before going back into Comment filter management – including Advanced comment filtering to block comments with specific keywords or emojis.

Turn on “Hide offensive comments,” and Instagram will automatically remove inappropriate or offensive comments from your posts, stories, and live videos. Manual filters allow further control in hiding particular words and phrases from comment threads. If any inappropriate or offensive comment arises, that requires reporting to Instagram.

One way to hide unwanted comments on Instagram is to turn off commenting completely. This will prevent anyone from commenting on your content – which is particularly helpful if you’re concerned about spam or offensive remarks. However, should you ever change your mind, you can reinstate comments by going back into your Profile and tapping the three horizontal lines at the top-right side.

Once, a Chrome extension allowed users to hide comments on Instagram Stories for viewers, but this has been removed from the web store. Luckily, other methods of hiding comments for followers – including using Instagram’s own tools – are available to them.

Report a comment

Are You Hosting Live Videos on Instagram and Want to Remove Offensive Comments from Your Stream? Instagram provides built-in features that enable hosts to hide offensive comments, block specific words or phrases, and report abusive material for review by their team. Android and iOS versions of Instagram provide this service, along with its web browser version, as a means for hiding such material from being seen by their audiences.

To temporarily disable comments while broadcasting, tap the three-dot icon in the comment box at the bottom left of your screen and choose “Turn Off Commenting.” When ready, you can always turn it back on by tapping again on those three dots – while disabling comments may help protect from harmful statements, it is also vital for successful live sessions! Communicating with your audience remains critical in developing meaningful live sessions.

Instagram allows users to hide comments on posts, stories, and lives temporarily; however, this feature is unavailable for live videos. To do this, logging in and visiting your profile are required; here, you must switch the “Hide Offensive Comments” setting. Once done, you can add words or phrases from posts, stories, and lives that should not reappear.

Instagram’s community of users is vast and varied, and some may feel uncomfortable with specific comments made by others on their feeds. Therefore, Instagram offers an easy-to-use feature that lets you block offensive comments on your feed without being seen by other Instagram users. To enable it, go to your profile and click on the gear icon, followed by “Hide Offensive Comments.”

If you witness inappropriate or abusive comments on Instagram, you can report them for review by Instagram. To do this, log in and open the post containing said comment; long press on it, select “Report Comment,” explaining why it should be removed, and choose “Submit Report.” Instagram will review and take appropriate actions based on this request.

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