Lips on the Tip of a Knife Chapter 39


Lips on the Tip of a Knife is an engaging manga that has quickly won readers. It follows a princess forced into marrying someone she doesn’t know before eventually discovering that their husband is handsome.

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Arne and Cassian’s conversation

Arne was being led like an animal into slaughter when she found herself being led to her meeting place. Determined to disrupt it without spilling any tea, Arne moved quickly to ensure that as few eyewitnesses saw her as possible.

After entering the salon, she saw Cassian and the Duchess discussing with the manager. As soon as she spotted him approaching her, she panicked but quickly moved to escape him without anyone else seeing him.

As she moved more quickly, she heard the dog whinnying from behind her and attempted to scream but couldn’t. Just before collapsing on herself completely, she saw an unfamiliar figure emerge and appear before her.

The man was wearing a black mask and long black hair. He carried a sword with a red handle and silver blade, looked at Arne with an amused smile, and spoke softly before leaving silently.

Arne found himself laughing out loud as he saw how quickly and freely his laughter had increased, believing this to be some joke.

She turned around and saw his smile, sending shivers through her body as her hands became cold as she looked upon him. Her heart leaped with anticipation.

Ergen will reveal more of Cassian’s past in Lips on the Tip of a Knife’s next chapter. Ergen claims he was the heir to Duke Henry’s kingdom, while Lady Hailey wanted him dead because she disapproved of their union and sent a hound after them as revenge – something Cassian didn’t appreciate at all.

Ergen’s visit

Ergen visits Arne to tell her about Lady Hailey’s plans to use the dog against her to take revenge against Arne for choosing Cassian over her as her husband, yet Arne remains calm as she knows she will always be safe in Cassian’s arms no matter what may occur.

Arne realizes during their conversation that her father and empress want her dead, yet she remains confident, knowing that Cassian will protect her in any circumstance. Arne uses words to calm him down and promises she won’t ever be alone and will always be together.

The dog’s attack

Arne is stunned when his dog attacks. Although she’s extremely healthy and robust, Arne doesn’t want her gone, so he promises never to leave her side as they are his family and will always remain together.

After the dog attacks her, Ergen informs her of its owner – Lady Hailey, who sent it as revenge against Cassian for marrying someone else instead of herself. She sends this vicious attack because Lady Hailey is jealous that Cassian chose another bride over herself.

Rozu claws at the dog’s face and scratches its eyes with his feet. The dog then bit Rozu, prompting him to gurgle in pain before moving towards a nearby knife but stopping short when his hands became covered in blood. Read Lips On The Tip Of A Knife Chapter 39 online for free at MangaScan, ManhuaScan, or one of our other Genre sites, or browse Genres and check the Latest Releases to locate new manga releases.

Cassian’s reaction

Cassian hardened as he observed her struggle to climb out the window herself. At first, she seemed to be trying to call out for help, but Cassian knew better; his eyes locked onto her, seeing fear on her face and knowing she would not survive if she fell from that height, thus compelling him to save her.

“You are being extremely reckless,” he admonished her, “if anything should happen and you fall, I won’t forgive you.

Cassian frowned and stared at her with confusion; usually, she was an upbeat person with an incredible personality. “How could I have been so careless?” Cassian was taken aback to see her like this; she would usually be upbeat and bubbly.

As she studied his features, she noticed changes in his appearance: his hair had gone from black and platinum to silver; likewise, she seemed different; it became evident to her that this person wasn’t who they thought they married.

Ergen revisited her the following day at her palace to deliver important news: Lady Hailey sent a dog attack against her to avenge Cassian’s marrying Arne. Furthermore, Lady Hailey wanted Arne dead.

She was shocked by this revelation and attempted to mask her emotions from him. Although she knew nothing wrong had occurred, she did not wish to offend by sharing this news with him. Furthermore, she was concerned about leaving the palace without ensuring her safety was secure.

She felt immense guilt over her actions and feared Cassian would find her. Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do to hide herself from him in her room.

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