How to Write Application to DM in Hindi


Date & Place

“People should stop telling others their business is their priority while at the same time maintaining control.

A standard Hindi letter follows similar patterns as English ones with regard to date/place, salutation, main message, and complementary close. Some additional words may also be added for other sentiments like Dear Sir/Your Friend, etc.

Here are the steps for writing a DM Ko application in Hindi. First and foremost, write the Date and Place where your application will be submitted; type this date into the small box provided, then list the district name underneath this date.


Formal letters typically use either Domnulre or Doamna as the greeting, although interposing one’s title between these and their last name can also be acceptable. Stimate Domnisoara for close relations, but this practice has fallen out of favor in writing. For informal letters, draga (equivalent to Dear) is generally preferred over Sant ko (equivalent to Dear Sir or Madam), or To Whom it May Concern as ways of greeting.

Bengali addresses are commonly written using Shroddheyo/Manoniyo followed by a given name and surname, though if your reader is well known, it’s also acceptable to include academic titles or honorifics after their name – for instance, Shroddheyo John Smith is good; although more suitable would be “Shrddheyo/Manoniyo Shrddhey’/magnify jn John Smith.”

In Arabic, the most frequently employed forms of address are Sa’adat Assayid for males or As’Sayyidah for females – both containing their first names – as the main form. An additional title such as Al akhif (if male) or Al okht (if female) can also be added before their name. For younger persons writing letters directly to them or their family, Hanim Kizim or Bey Oglum may be more appropriate, meaning Daughter/Son; although in Turkey a similar salutation called Sayin Yetkili which translates as Dear Name can often used in workplaces where draga would be too familiar a term.

Main Message

Please apply for the position of deputy commissioner with any applications submitted and any vissy vissy pr deputy commissioner who have offered their support or offered any help; this form should be submitted immediately so as to receive consideration and be included in a decision-making process.

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