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Actual Trends ranks the leading residential real estate brokerage firms, agents, and teams based on transaction sides closed and sales volume.

Icenhower Coaching & Consulting coaches many top agents and teams who rank annually on Wall Street Journal and Real Trends lists, giving them great credibility within the industry.

The Trusted Source of News and Analysis

Actual Trends is the trusted source for residential brokerage firms, agents, teams, and teams in residential brokerage. They cover industry-related trends, strategies, people, and news through annual rankings reports, events, and publications. REAL Trends is a privately owned publishing, consulting, and communications firm located in Castle Rock, Colorado, whose clientele includes brokers/owners, network executives, mortgage brokers, title companies, and news media professionals.

Every year, RealTrends conducts an exhaustive nationwide search to identify America’s most productive real estate professionals and teams. Only those who can demonstrate client satisfaction and production are chosen for ranking; agents must have at least ten closed transaction sides during the previous calendar year, while teams consist of at least two licensed sales associates who work as one unit sharing commissions on all transactions. These figures must include residential new construction transactions and resales for the best comparison.

Agents and teams must also undergo a stringent survey process that includes interviews with clients, supervisors, and peers and transaction and market data review. To be included on The Thousand list – given to only 1/10th of 1 percent of more than 1.4 Million Realtors(r) across the US by RealTrends-The Trusted Source and Tom Ferry International-it must receive at least one gold medallion award; This list is sponsored by RealTrends-the Trusted Source as well as Tom Ferry International as well as advertised by Tom Ferry International through The Wall Street Journal advertisement.

RealTrends 500, an independently verified compilation of leading residential brokerage firms across the country, shows that large brokerage companies are increasing their market share at unprecedented levels. Four firms accounted for over 40% of brokerage-controlled sales in 2020 in the U.S.; these top four continued their dominance of this ranking, with over 3.9 million sales transactions worth more than $1.6 trillion between them- more than one-third of all real estate transactions! They outshone any other group who made up the ranking group!

The Wall Street Journal’s Real Estate Rankings

The Wall Street Journal is one of the premier publications for finance and real estate news and analysis, drawing buyers searching for homes in top markets nationwide. RealTrends, an independent third-party source that conducts research and analysis on residential real estate market conditions, work closely with The Wall Street Journal to rank real estate agents/teams based on transaction sides sold/sales volume with Icenhower Coaching & Consulting, coaching many who make these lists annually.

Due to the Wall Street Journal’s reputation, high-net-worth clients have begun turning to RealTrends rankings to locate qualified local luxury real estate professionals that can assist them throughout the sales process. Stanfield Real Estate stands out as a market leader; its team members possess expert knowledge of current real estate trends and market conditions in each locality.

Luxury property sellers need experienced professionals on their team in today’s increasingly competitive real estate market to navigate challenges and opportunities that often arise during sales processes. Furthermore, these experts know how to use local marketing channels, such as media platforms, to drive more interest into a listing.

A good luxury broker must also understand how to connect with digitally-savvy buyers who search online for their dream home through multiple channels such as social media, email, and telephone. A skilled luxury agent also understands the nuances of the luxury real estate market, including how to evaluate and price properties accurately for fast sale.

RealTrends can help high-performing agents or teams gain the national recognition they deserve. In partnership with Tom Ferry International, RealTrends provides an exhaustive searchable database of the nation’s premier real estate agents and teams – independently verified. Inclusion in The Thousand and America’s Best Real Estate Professionals places you among 1.5% of America’s over 1.5 million licensed real estate professionals.

RealTrends + Tom Ferry “The Thousand” and America’s Best Real Estate Professionals rankings have just been released, and several Atlanta-area real estate agents cut. Individuals selected to The Thousand averaged 212 transaction sides with $226 Million sales volume; teams averaged 564 transaction sides totaling $445 Million sales volume.

Top-producing agents and teams are selected through an intensive multistep selection process that involves applying and verifying residential real estate sales data. Only those who have met RealTrends minimum production standards may be considered for The Thousand and America’s Best. Those not meeting them can contact RealTrends to have their data evaluated; all submissions will then be reviewed and approved before the results are published on the RealTrends website. For more information, please visit their website.