Revolutionize Your Sales Growth with RepMove


Business today is a complex functioning system where only those who use the maximum capabilities of modern technologies can be productive. Trading strategies from the past are no longer relevant, and the challenge of the present is the integration of employees’ efforts and modern technical innovations in the successful activity of a sales representative.

These are the advantages that RepMove provides, which can create an entire trading system, successfully plan a route, and organize the actions of many workers as a single system. The main thing is that you can deal with all these tasks quickly and efficiently using RepMove.

The application is so simple that you will be satisfied.

RepMove is a unique application that can build a route for a retail worker, distribute the algorithm for visiting retail outlets and meetings with clients, and plan the replenishment of retail stocks. The primary function is route planning, when you can set a large number of points to visit for the sales agent and distribute the time and procedure of the sales representative as efficiently as possible.

At the same time, you can follow the actions of sales representatives and their order of meetings with clients. It’s essential that you can integrate the app’s calendar with your device and don’t miss a single appointment.

Easy to learn – easy to operate

RepMove must be very comfortable and ergonomic. The site presents a wide variety of opportunities for use in trade. These features are straightforward and can be learned in a few minutes, thanks to the illustrated instructions. Complete information is provided on how to link accounts of sales representatives, create a precise model of trade movements, and ensure the interaction of the system of various sales representatives.

All information about RepMove and its capabilities can be found on the website, where there is a section on employee interaction.

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