The Best Steakhouse Near Me in NYC


Few dining fantasies perfectly encapsulate NYC’s culinary allure than that of an iconic steakhouse: bustling dining rooms filled with plush booths, moody lighting, and delectable cold cuts that you cannot replicate at home.

These 14 steakhouses in NYC feature everything from old-school joints with red leather booths to contemporary eateries with internationally inspired-menus; you’re sure to find something suitable for every carnivore here!


Keens, established in 1885, is one of NYC’s oldest steakhouses. Situated within what used to be Herald Square Theater District, Keens pays homage to old New York with walls covered with vintage prints, posters, photographs, and churchwarden pipes from notable patrons like Babe Ruth and JP Morgan.

This restaurant offers a selection of meats and seafood, such as lamb and veal, with steaks cut fresh daily in-house for serving with mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables, salad, etc. Their prices may seem higher, but their food speaks for itself; furthermore, their staff is helpful and polite, creating an inviting ambiance where guests can dine comfortably.

According to The New York Times and The Infatuation, Peter Luger is the premier steakhouse in New York City. Both publications hail it as an embodiment of life, yet The Infatuation notes other excellent steakhouses within New York.

Cote is one of the premier steakhouses in NYC. Situated in Chelsea, it serves delicious beef and offers an extensive list of wines.

To reach this restaurant, take the train from Times Square to Garrick Street station; it will get you there in about four minutes. Or book a private taxi from your hotel; taxi services usually range between $20-25 depending on the selected car type.

At this restaurant, they also provide an array of other dishes. Their specialty dish is the Mutton Chop, consisting of a saddle of lamb with loin, tenderloin, and belly. In addition, sirloin steak, filet mignon steaks, rib-eyes, and side dishes such as Escarole with Pan-Roasted Purple Spouting Broccoli and creamy Spinach can also be enjoyed alongside red Berry Bibble or Creme Brulee Desserts to complete your dining experience! –

Smith & Wollensky

Smith & Wollensky restaurant in Manhattan is known for serving USDA Prime dry-aged steaks and premium seafood, classic cocktails, and an expansive wine list. Established in 1977 and an icon since its popularity, it has spread nationally and internationally through Patina Restaurant Group’s ownership. The decor includes dark wood paneling with coffered ceilings; the menu is predominantly the same between lunch and dinner, with lobster tails available only at dinner service; they also provide appetizers, salads and side dishes, and signature dishes on their menus.

Prices at this steakhouse may be slightly higher than comparable restaurants, but their high-quality food justifies it. Service is outstanding, and waiters will ensure everything you require is met. If steak isn’t your thing, other less-expensive options, such as roast beef hash and steak salad, may also tempt you.

Smith & Wollensky offers more than its signature dishes; they offer salads, soups, and appetizers in addition to their famous steaks, cooked perfectly every time and served with your choice of sides and sauces. Their servers are friendly and helpful as well. Their desserts are exquisite as well.

Smith & Wollensky stands out among other steakhouses by not being too loud, allowing patrons to have conversations easily. Its quieter atmosphere than those found at Peter Luger’s and Morton’s makes it ideal for first dates or business dinners.

This upscale two-story steakhouse is an institution in New York City. It features a full menu of meat, pasta, and seafood dishes such as their famous duck lasagna, Mozzarella Sticks, caviar, or Spicy Lobster Spaghetti.

The Smith and Wollensky is an iconic steakhouse known for its old-school values and classic dining experience. It is in midtown Manhattan near Central Park, Carnegie Hall, and Radio City Music Hall. Established by restaurateur Alan Stillman (creator of TGI Fridays), Smith & Wollensky has become a global brand since 1977.

Empire Steakhouse

Empire Steakhouse is one of the city’s premier steakhouses. They pride themselves on outstanding customer service and high-quality meat, boast an exceptional wine selection, offer delicious cuisine, are situated in an ideal setting, and feature plenty of great steak options at very reasonable prices – making this an excellent place for celebrating special events or milestones.

Owners of this restaurant boast two decades of experience from working at iconic New York steakhouse Peter Luger and founding Ben & Jack’s mini-steakhouse chain, Ben & Jack’s. This sleek and contemporary steakhouse features a stunning bar in the center that can seat over 20 people comfortably; dining rooms feature gray velvet banquettes ringed by crisp lighting; the bar serves drinks to patrons while dancing was once performed here!

The menu offers an expansive selection of appetizers, such as jumbo shrimp cocktail and tuna tartare, and soups and salads like French onion and tomato bisque. Carnivores can indulge with dry-aged Emperor’s steak for two or a twelve-ounce Wagyu tenderloin for ultimate satisfaction; other choices include Kobe burgers, salmon burgers, and seafood dishes like linguine with lobster.

Midtown East’s Kimberly Hotel restaurant, run by Montenegrin brothers Russ, Jack, and Jeff Sinanaj, is part of their chain established by Russ, Jack, and Jeff themselves – former waiters at Peter Luger who bring warmth and hospitality into each establishment they run. Russ takes great pride in choosing high-quality USDA Prime beef with exquisite marbling that ages until it is ready for consumption.

Empire stands out from traditional steakhouses by being an elegant modern space with plenty of seating and natural lighting. Its menu offers more than just meat, such as duck lasagna and roast chicken dishes.

Porter House Bar & Grill

New York steakhouses have long been considered an oasis for anyone craving quality cuts of meat with classic sides and wine, from celebrities to everyday New Yorkers. Many of the city’s premier steakhouses are in dimly lit rooms designed for torture. Still, one restaurant has attempted to shake this stereotype: Porter House NYC at Columbus Circle offers a satisfying red meat feast overlooking Central Park.

Chef Michael Lomonaco of the iconic 21 and Windows on the World restaurants seeks to add some feminization into a longstanding macho tradition by creating a steakhouse menu packed with extras – six types of potatoes, nine vegetable sides, and five fish entrees in addition to steaks! Additionally, there are delicious appetizers such as bacon-studded clams casino and oyster pan roast as part of this menu – both excellent choices!

Though the cost may seem steep, I highly recommend it as an experience worth having. Their service was superb, and the view was truly magnificent. I would strongly advise everyone visiting here!

Gallaghers Steakhouse opened in 2013 as an elegant modern steakhouse featuring all your traditional cuts and wine options – but its main feature is an eye-catching meat cooler that holds rare dry-aged beef, visible from the street itself! And while waiting, watch one of their skilled cooks prepare your dish.

This steakhouse provides delicious steak, but I found its decor and atmosphere wanting. Although suitable for entertaining guests from out of town, it wouldn’t be my first choice when dining alone – although it occasionally makes for an exciting visit!