Top 10 Places to Propose in Italy


Italy is known for making passionate declarations of love, so it should come as no surprise when thinking about proposing there! Read on for tips on where you can make their dream proposal come true! Discover the best info about

As our society becomes more welcoming and diverse, the Italian language must adapt by including gender-neutral pronouns and suffixes in its vocabulary. Doing so will show more tremendous respect for non-binary people while simultaneously diminishing gender dysphoria.


Venice is one of Italy’s most romantic cities, boasting tranquil canals, historic buildings, and an enthralling atmosphere that make it the ideal spot for proposing. There are various ways you can do it here; what matters most is making sure that your partner remembers this momentous occasion forever – be it a surprise proposal or a more intimate gesture. There are plenty of choices available to every couple.

Start by considering what kind of proposal you want, whether romantic, adventurous, or unique. Once you know what it is you want your proposal to look like, you can start looking for locations. Furthermore, creating a backstory so your partner will understand its significance is also vital for successful proposal planning.

Gondola rides are one of the classic ways to live in Venice. These iconic boats provide a quiet and intimate setting in which to pop the question. Request that your gondolier stop at an isolated canal or waterfront so that you can have time alone with them before popping the big question!

Bridge of Sighs in Venice is another ideal spot for proposing, as its dark history and beautiful location make it incredibly romantic. If you prefer more private proposals, sunrise or midnight proposals are both equally romantic but less crowded than main squares.

Proposing in Venice on the Grand Canal can be an ideal way to do just that. Hire a gondolier for a tour through the city, or pick an idyllic spot along its banks – even add serenades by local musicians for extra romantic charm!

Punta della Dogana offers spectacular views of Milan. At sunset, this location becomes even more romantic as you wait patiently for your loved one to say yes. Additionally, water taxi services may take you directly to nearby Burano Island for an even more private proposal!

Lake Como

Lake Como offers an idyllic backdrop for proposals, with lush scenery and picturesque villas. Shaped like an upside-down Y, its three slender branches converge at Bellagio, where elegant resort towns and villages abound along its shores amidst scenic mountains – Lake Como boasts both luxurious restaurants and hotels that make it the ideal location for a romantic escape.

Proposing to your significant other is an unforgettable moment that demands the perfect venue. Lake Como offers numerous beautiful and unique spots where you can submit, whether that’s with a private boat tour of the lake or a romantic garden proposal – each option will create an incredible and lasting memory of its own for both of you.

Lake Como, situated in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, is famous for its breathtaking beauty and luxurious accommodations. This glacial lake encased by mountains has long been popular with artists, writers, celebrities, and more for centuries – even serving as an inspirational background for films like Casino Royale and Star Wars!

Lake Como offers the ideal place and time for proposals during spring and summer, though this period is also considered the busiest of the year. To avoid crowds and secure the perfect venue for your submission, it’s recommended that you book it as early as possible.

Villa del Balbianello is one of the premier spots for Lake Como proposals. It is set on a hill overlooking its waters with spectacular views and offering romantic scenery. It has also served as the backdrop to numerous movies and celebrity weddings, including Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone’s 2018 marriage ceremony.

Villa Carlotta provides another idyllic spot for Lake Como proposals, boasting exquisite gardens and Renaissance architecture. It offers a picturesque lakefront promenade lined with trees and flowers as well as its tranquil courtyard, which makes an idyllic location for proposing romance.

Finding your way around Lake Como may be challenging, but using the ferry system is one of the easiest and most scenic ways to see this picturesque region. Be sure to plan for your trip by purchasing tickets online in advance and consider traveling during the off-season to avoid crowds and find lower rates.


Positano’s charm lies in its unparalleled beauty: with clifftop homes that span across cliffs and cobblestone streets fragrant with night-blooming jasmine, Positano boasts unrivaled allure. Set almost vertically along the Amalfi Coast, pastel houses are stacked against winding roads that lead to its pebbly beach at its base.

Wandering Positano with your beloved is an unforgettable romantic experience. Explore its winding streets, discover local artisan shops, and take pleasure in smelling freshly baked pastries in the air. As the sun starts to set, stop for a romantic sunset meal – indulge in candlelit dining under its glorious skies while watching it paint its beautiful tapestry of colors across the horizon.

After your sunset dinner, take a cruise to the Li Galli Islands – this mesmerizing archipelago provides the ideal setting for basking in the sun and creating unforgettable memories. Stay on one of these idyllic islands for the day to take advantage of their lush foliage while you picnic under its shelter!

One of the best things to do in Positano at night is stroll the charming streets once everyone has settled into their homes and everyone has quieted down. Enjoying fragrant jasmine flowers and mouthwatering home cooking are fragrantly filled with love while lovers nestle close on park benches or walls, providing the ideal opportunity for some intimate romance before making that significant declaration of affection!

Grotto di Fornillo in Italy is another romantic spot where one could propose, offering stunning seaside views and legendary stories from the Sirens singing their seductive melodies.

An additional stunning venue in Montepertuso to pop the question is Santa Maria Assunta church, boasting a gorgeous Moorish-tiled dome and housing an exquisite 13th-century Byzantine icon of Madonna. After visiting, take some time to stroll around Montepertuso’s clifftops and marvel at its incredible vistas.

Proposing in Italy can be an unforgettable experience, from passionate declarations of love to lavish displays of affection – it truly brings out romance in every corner.


Italy is one of the most romantic places on earth – from historic hilltop villages and tranquil lakes to breathtaking coastlines and breathtaking mountainsides; Italy provides the ideal setting for romance. Here are ten spectacular places in Italy where you can propose — guaranteed to sweep away your loved one!

Are you searching for an unforgettable way to pop the question? A dramatic setting might be Taormina’s ancient theater, with Mount Etna providing the backdrop. Even though Etna remains active, its beauty serves as the ideal setting for such an emotional momentous occasion.

Another ideal location for an unforgettable proposal is the Grotta della Poesia in Roca Vecchia near Otranto. According to legend, an exquisite princess bathed here and inspired men to write love poems about her. For an adventurous proposal experience, rent a rowboat and explore this mysterious pool!

Florence is an ideal city in which to make a marriage proposal, offering breathtaking scenery in Tuscany as well as world-renowned art museums and landmarks. Springtime offers optimal conditions when weather and floral blooms combine into stunning imagery – the best time for visiting Florence is undoubtedly spring.

Make your proposal even more memorable by hiring a photographer to capture all of its beauty. Additionally, selecting an appropriate song can really grab her attention – take note of her tastes so you can choose something that really captures their heart!

While the Beckhams may be making headlines for sipping morning cappuccinos in Rome, other celebrities are quietly enjoying luxury countryside living in Puglia. For instance, Dame Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep both recently purchased typical Masseria-style farmhouses there; these peaceful retreats make an ideal setting for proposing romantically!

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