Top 5 Blockchain Apps For Small Businesses


Blockchain apps have grown increasingly popular due to their decentralized nature and use of cryptography, making them faster and more secure than traditional apps. Guide on what is xsignal?

Blockchain can address issues within the media industry, such as data privacy, royalty payments, and piracy. Furthermore, it can speed up documenting land titles.


Brave is a web browser designed to block ads, trackers, and slow-loading content to enhance your browsing experience. Additionally, it uses fewer resources and reduces mobile data use while being available on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. With features like crypto wallet, ad block, search without tracking, and night mode – as well as speeds three times faster than other browsers – Brave makes your browsing more pleasant than ever.

This browser was designed to give users more control over their privacy and security online while giving publishers and content creators a fair share of advertising revenue. Through its innovative Basic Attention Token (BAT) system, both users and content creators benefit from BAT tokens earned while watching privacy-respecting ads; those earning tokens can then spend them supporting websites or creators that are important to them.

Contrary to traditional browsers, Brave doesn’t store user information or browsing history on a server – this allows only you and the sites you visit to see what you’re up to. With its ad-blocking features helping improve browsing experiences by eliminating annoying banner ads and pop-up notifications, plus an ad network that replaces intrusive website ads with less invasive targeted advertisements, Brave provides privacy while still giving access to websites you visit.

The Brave browser features a secure cryptocurrency wallet that enables you to manage tokens and NFTs directly within the browser, providing a significant improvement over the current blockchain ecosystem, where many services require third-party apps or exchanges for crypto management. Compatible with several important cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and Bitcoin; also includes built-in API for transferring BAT tokens between wallets; available for Windows, macOS, and Linux systems alike – free download!


Propy is a blockchain startup that streamlines the property transfer process. Their system eliminates inefficiency and fraud by simplifying everything from the offer to closing, securely recording every action taken by all parties involved, providing real estate agents the freedom to recommend properties without paying referral fees, receiving dollar or crypto payments securely from brokerages, and providing live closing tracking with timestamped communications allowing faster report creation with reduced legal risk; additionally, they enable brokers to create checklists for each transaction allowing them to keep an eye on every step of their sale transaction process.

Natalia Karayaneva and Denitza Tyufekchieva founded this Palo Alto-based company in 2016; Natalia serves as CEO. After becoming frustrated by the inefficiency and fraudulence of traditional real estate transactions, she turned to blockchain technology as a solution.

Propy announced in 2017 its successful blockchain property transfer of a 506-square-foot studio apartment located in Kyiv, Ukraine – purchased by Michael Arrington of TechCrunch as a buyer. Propy’s proprietary intelligent contracts and decentralized title registry aim to simplify international property purchases more smoothly.

Ethereum’s blockchain powers Propy and uses its native token, PRO, as its currency for transactions and premium services on its platform. Furthermore, PRO can also be traded across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges as an investment vehicle.

Many experts are optimistic about Propy’s future; according to analysts, its value could double within six months. But before investing, do your homework; cryptocurrency prices fluctuate frequently, so you must assess how comfortable you are with risk before making financial decisions.


Shopify is an efficient yet cost-effective commerce platform designed for products and services of all kinds. Offering multiple marketing channels, customer engagement features, sales analytics capabilities, and shipping, Shopify also boasts advanced security measures as well as user-friendly functionality – an excellent solution for small businesses launching online stores quickly.

Shopify’s product development team is continuously innovating new solutions that make business life simpler for independent business owners in an ever-evolving retail landscape. Understanding that entrepreneurs wear many hats, Shopify aims to simplify technology and workflows while meeting all their business needs while remaining cost-competitive in marketplaces across the world.

The platform features an array of apps to customize and expand the capabilities of your storefront, with tools such as mobile shopping experiences branded for customer brand awareness, chatbots for customer service and sales, and email/text-based purchases available through its app store. Incorporating these tools can increase revenue and conversions.

As well as these apps, the platform also boasts robust variant support, which enables you to link different variations of your products, whether that is colors, materials, or sizes. Furthermore, there is a marketplace on board which helps artisans and small manufacturers connect with wholesale buyers.

With our easy setup process and user-friendly dashboard, you can effortlessly manage every aspect of your store. By connecting existing systems and automating repetitive tasks such as order management, inventory tracking, and customer outreach – not to mention customizing storefront designs from a selection of themes – PCI DSS compliance ensures your customer credit and debit card data remain safe.


BurstIQ is a blockchain-enabled data solution designed to protect the world’s most confidential information. By simplifying human data management, this intelligent ecosystem enables organizations to build trust through hyper-personalized digital health, work, and life exchanges and experiences – freeing organizations to focus on building trust through hyper-individualized health, work, and life exchanges and experiences. Furthermore, its governance and consent mechanisms help organizations make trust-based business decisions, while its granular data insights help drive trust-based business decisions. Interoperability between systems provides an end-to-end view of an individual.

BurstIQ was established with the belief that everyone has a right to data dignity. Their technology protects digital information from being altered or stolen while making it easy for people to share and exchange it with trusted partners. Their blockchain-based platform offers comprehensive tools for data management and security such as identity management, workflow automation, and on-chain extensive data security management/HIPAA compliance/customized consent capabilities – while managing large datasets in real-time while performing advanced analytics through collaborative intelligence/machine learning technologies.

BurstIQ network leverages blockchain with multi-layered governance and top security to create immutable profiles known as LifeGraphs of people, places, and things connected by machine learning – showing the relationship between different factors influencing individual health and system efficiency. These connections can then be shared among various stakeholders such as healthcare systems, payers, digital health companies, or pharma & life science firms.

COVID-19 uses an innovative blockchain-enabled network to expedite vaccine testing, administration, and tracking, helping states, counties, and private companies simplify complex vaccination programs. In addition, the network features a real-time dashboard with dynamic analytics and notifications, ensuring accurate vaccine tracking.


Blockchain technology is an innovative one, so it should come as no surprise that entrepreneurs are exploring its possibilities. Blockchain offers many benefits that could make your business more lucrative, such as increased security and optimized digital operations, connecting with potential and current customers, and tracking data more efficiently than before – but there are some issues you must keep in mind when considering blockchain as part of your business strategy.

Blockchain applications offer many practical applications for business. You can use one to track product authenticity – an effective way of avoiding counterfeit products that account for 2.5% of global trade – or trace their origin through your supply chain, providing greater transparency while automating processes. Chronicled is one such solution that uses AI, IoT, and blockchain technologies together to secure physical product identity, trace product movements, and protect brands from fraud.

Blockchain offers several key benefits when it comes to scaling. Unlike traditional databases, which rely on centralization for storage purposes, blockchain is a decentralized system that replicates all records across a network. This makes tampering difficult as each node in the network has a copy of each document; moreover, the blockchain cannot be changed without all participants agreeing on updating information within it.

Step one in creating a blockchain app is selecting an appropriate platform. There are various open-source blockchain platforms available, and each offers distinct advantages and disadvantages; Ethereum is perhaps the most favored of these, with plenty of flexibility that enables developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) or intelligent contracts (via Solidify), as well as having its programming language – however, generous offers another ready-run environment which reduces developers workload significantly.

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