Open Auto Transport


Open auto transport is one of the most affordable and safe solutions for shipping cars.

Transport of two-level multi-car carriers allows vehicles to remain exposed during transit and may result in cosmetic damage to them. Pick out the best car shipping company.


Open transport car shipping tends to be less costly than enclosed auto transport due to your vehicle being loaded onto an open trailer with other cars – enabling companies to offer more cost-effective pricing for their services and making this option suitable for long-distance shipments as well. Available car transport is particularly appealing to regular car owners, dealerships, and manufacturers needing multiple car movements at once.

The cost of open transportation depends on a range of factors, such as car type and value, as well as customer preferences. If you own a luxury or high-end vehicle, enclosed transport may provide added protection; alternatively, for faster pickup/drop-off times, the open carrier could be more suitable.

One factor affecting the cost of open auto transport includes your pickup and delivery locations, urgency of shipment, and distance covered. Cross-country routes will generally cost more than regional ones due to more fuel being required to drive your vehicle from point A to B; being flexible with pickup/delivery dates could help lower costs significantly.

Although open transportation may be the cheapest choice for most customers, it does come with certain risks. Your car could come into contact with dirt, rocks, and road debris along its journey, which may cause damage; however, chances of this occurring decrease substantially if you hire a reputable car transport company and follow their guidelines.

Remind yourself that most open transport carriers do not offer door-to-door service due to the size of their trucks being impractical for accessing some rural and tight residential areas. Therefore, your vehicle will have to be taken to a terminal in a major city and loaded onto it there.


Timelines for shipping vehicles depend on several variables. These may include distance, vehicle type, and company selection – open auto transport is generally the fastest method available, but enclosed shipping could provide peace of mind that your valuable or classic car arrives undamaged.

Open auto transport is often more economical because car haulers can load multiple cars onto one trailer at once, thereby cutting transportation costs significantly. Individual car owners with standard vehicles also tend to prefer this form of auto shipping; although some transport companies offer top load preferences at an additional fee, this doesn’t ensure that it will never end up above another car on its way.

If you are working to a tight deadline, open transport may be your ideal option. This process typically completes in under a day, and expedited service can also be selected if desired for an extra fee.

Note that open transport leaves your car vulnerable to the elements but is an affordable and swift option for most who require their cars to get to their destinations quickly. Vehicles exposed this way are susceptible to road debris damage and tarnish accumulation compared to enclosed shipping.

Finding a reputable vehicle shipping service is essential to an enjoyable vehicle shipping experience. They should offer reliable, affordable, and safe options; work to meet your specific needs, including door-to-door pickup/delivery services, and provide full insurance coverage of $100-250,000 motor cargo liability coverage and over $750,000 liability cover while in transit; be available to answer questions or address concerns regarding the process; as well as give an estimated delivery date estimate.


Open auto transport is the most cost-effective method of car shipping, enabling companies to ship multiple cars at once and reduce customer costs. Furthermore, this shipping option is ideal for individuals who require fast delivery – for instance, snowbirds need their vehicles shipped quickly from Arizona to Minnesota each winter and back again each spring; enclosed carriers would be difficult to secure during such peak season times, but with open transport, it’s simple getting it there in a timely fashion.

With open transport, your vehicle will be secured onto a large trailer designed to hold several cars at once and confirmed using straps and wheel chocks to prevent shifting or movement during transport. Carrier services then follow their planned routes while adhering to all road regulations and safety protocols.

Most companies that provide open auto transport use two-level multi-car haulers designed to carry 12 vehicles at once – this capacity provides car owners with significant cost savings on auto shipping costs while being more cost-efficient than single-level carriers that only accommodate one car at once.

Open transport offers cost savings as well as convenience to most drivers, making it the safest, most reliable method of shipping most standard vehicles. However, exotic or classic cars may require enclosed transport for more excellent protection.

When selecting a car transport company, take care to consider their reputation and customer experience. A high Better Business Bureau rating or extensive list of positive reviews are signs that this is an appropriate company for you to work with. Also, make sure you read through and agree to their terms and conditions carefully prior to booking a ride – get several quotes so that you can compare prices, services offered, and whether or not the provider is licensed and insured before making your choice!


Open auto transport involves loading vehicles directly on an open carrier without specialized protection during transport, leaving them exposed to external elements during their travel. While this method is typically cost-effective and ideal for standard cars that don’t need special treatment, such as daily drivers and automobiles that do not require specialty protection, road debris or weather conditions could still damage them during transit.

Prior to transporting your vehicle via open vehicle transport, certain precautions must be taken. Check that the transport broker you choose is fully licensed and insured by conducting research on them through Better Business Bureau’s website, looking up customer reviews on them as well as checking their BBB rating; an ideal broker would have an A+ BBB rating with satisfied customer reviews about their experiences with them.

Before turning over your car to its driver, it is advisable to remove any valuables, such as personal items or car accessories, that could be stolen by thieves on the road. Also, ensure your battery is fully charged, as this reduces risk and ensures your car arrives ready to go on collection day with less chance of damage during transit.

Once your car has been loaded onto a transport vehicle, you’ll receive regular updates along the journey. When arriving, professionals from transport will drive off your car and inspect for any damages caused during transit – you or a representative must be present during this inspection to sign off on its condition and sign the form to acknowledge signing off on it as being undamaged.

Car shipping companies typically provide adequate car transport insurance coverage; however, you should still review their policy in order to assess the extent and availability of such coverage as well as any limitations or deductibles that might apply. It would also be a wise move to inquire further into any extra protection offered by transport providers during transportation.

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