Toure Roberts – Pastor, Author, and Motivational Speaker


Toure Roberts was born on 8 September 1972 and currently resides in California. He is both a pastor and self-help author, having founded One Church LA as one of Los Angeles’ fastest-growing congregations; he also published the best-selling book Purpose Awakening, which became one of his signature works.

He is married to Sarah Jakes Roberts, an experienced motivational speaker. They share one daughter named Ella. Their wedding took place on 23 November 2014.

He is 51 years old.

Toure Roberts is an influential pastor, author, and self-help speaker who has amassed an immense following on social media. His inspirational talks on personal improvement combine spirituality with practical advice. Due to this high demand, he is regularly invited for speaking engagements, and he has written several best-selling books.

He is currently married to Sarah Jakes Roberts, and together, they share six children – Ella Roberts was born in February 2016! Sarah Jake Roberts often shares family images on Instagram; recently, they posted one celebrating Ella Roberts’ fifth birthday celebration, as well as pictures showing their daughter making funny faces or the family pet playing alongside them.

Toure Roberts is not only a motivational speaker and author but also a pastor of One Church LA in Los Angeles and Denver’s Potter’s House in Colorado. With a vast following on social media pages – particularly his motivational talks encouraging others to pursue their dreams – Toure has also established the Toure Roberts Foundation, which helps disadvantaged children.

Roberts was inspired to follow his dream by his parents, who encouraged and supported him throughout life. Now an established speaker at various events across the nation and hosting The Called podcast featuring successful people interviewing him to promote success in others’ lives, Roberts is living his dreams today!

Toure studied business administration at Trinity College and earned his degree. Additionally, he runs the famous blog Moments in Mind With Malachi, where he discusses topics pertaining to goals and careers. Sarah Toure’s wife, Sarah, is also an author and has written the best-selling Lost and Found; their marriage also bears two children from her first marriage with Robert Henson.

Toure has chosen to keep his private affairs under the radar, opting to maintain healthy relations with both Bishop Thomas Dexter and Serita Jakes as his father-in-law and mother-in-law, respectively. Toure has managed to keep his personal life private while never divulging details regarding who his mother may be.

He is a pastor.

Purpose Awakening, written by this preacher-author, is an international bestseller and highly acclaimed speaker, as well has also been featured on national television programs like TV One’s Write for TV One, FOX Drama Consultation; ABC Multi-Cam Comedy Pilot production; writing for TV One & Co-Producing An ABC Multi-Cam Comedy Pilot are just some of his extensive projects and expertise areas; not to mention social experiments and philanthropy endeavors as he founded Artist Resource Centre which offers resources to emerging artists.

Toure Roberts was born September 8th, 1972, in Oakland, California, and attended Trinity College, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Today, he serves as pastor at One Church LA and Senior Pastor for Potter’s House in Denver.

He is well-known for his dedication to philanthropy, helping many achieve their life goals, and standing up to critics of Destiny’s Child, leading him to become famous across both secular and religious circles.

Toure is not only a pastor; he is also an entrepreneur and author. With several successful businesses to his credit and being named one of the leaders in inspirational services, he has written several books on leadership. Furthermore, Toure frequently appears as a guest on radio programs while, in his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.

Toure was the founding pastor of One Church LA, one of Los Angeles’s fastest-growing churches. He established it in 2002, merging it in August 2017 with The Potter’s House brand; due to this merger, Toure became contractually obliged to preach false doctrine, although he previously did not promote compromise and biblical error.

Toure is married and lives in Los Angeles with his three children. He loves sharing photos of them on Instagram and recently celebrated his daughter’s fifth birthday. Born in Watts – an area plagued by gang violence – Toure attributes his near-death experience as a teenager to changing the trajectory of his life and acting as a motivational speaker at numerous conferences around the country.

He is a self-help author.

Toure Roberts is a famous self-help author making waves both offline and online. With an enormous social media following and books that are beloved bestsellers among readers, he teaches his followers how to achieve balance in their lives with the appropriate tools and principles. An inspiring author as well as a motivational speaker who regularly preaches to large crowds, Toure Roberts stands out among his peers as an influential presence both now and in the future.

Roberts has written multiple acclaimed self-help books, such as “Wholeness,” which discusses spiritual advancement and personal growth. Additionally, he regularly addresses large crowds through his social media platform and has amassed an enormous following on Instagram – earning him substantial money along the way. Alongside book publishing ventures, Roberts is actively engaged in religious ministry work.

He and Sarah Jakes Roberts serve as co-pastors at One Church LA and Denver’s Potter’s House, offering inspirational talks on personal development and prosperity that combine spirituality with practical advice – something which has made him incredibly popular with attendees of these churches and on social media, which also extends into his philanthropic endeavors.

Even with his busy schedule, he still makes time for family life with Sarah, raising two beautiful children together, including an adorable daughter named Ella. He is an excellent father who takes the time to bond with his family. Together, they work toward their shared goals with great success.

Toure earned his bachelor’s degree from Trinity College. Education is an integral component of his life, and he has worked hard towards reaching his dreams. Through education, he has gained vital business skills while continuously expanding his horizons with discoveries every day.

Roberts has earned high praise both from readers and critics. His unique writing style resonates with an array of readers on multiple levels; his books are easy to read yet have profound impacts on their readers’ lives, showing them how to balance responsibilities while leading a healthier lifestyle – this success has only increased his popularity further, inspiring more books from him in future publications.

He is married

Toure Roberts has left an indelible mark on many lives as both a pastor and motivational speaker. Renowned authors such as Toure have written books on topics relating to evangelism, leadership, and charity, such as The Way of the Master by Toure Roberts himself. With more than 14,000 followers online and an abundance of charity work under his belt, he’s become widely respected across various communities worldwide. Roberts was born September 8th, 1972, and is an American national currently residing in Los Angeles.

Roberts married Sarah Jakes, daughter of Bishop Thomas Dexter “T.D.” Jakes Sr, in November 2014. They first met in the spring of 2014 and were officially wed in November of that year. Both already had children from previous relationships prior to meeting each other; recently, however, they announced they were expecting their first child together.

Toure Roberts is on Life Path Number 9 and is always looking for new experiences and opportunities to help him explore. He enjoys helping others discover their calling by founding the TD Jakes Foundation,, which supports programs to foster leadership skills among young people.

“Called Leaders,” one of the foundation’s programs, brings together emerging leaders from various industries for mentorship and training to inspire, educate and empower the next generation of business, faith, and entertainment leaders.

Toure Roberts is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author who frequently speaks at churches and non-profit organizations across the U.S. He has written several self-help books as well as founded one of LA’s fastest-growing congregations: One Church LA. Additionally, Toure has several successful businesses, including Modern Faith Media, which he runs alongside One Church LA.

Toure Roberts remains unknown, yet he is a widely esteemed and influential pastor with one of the fastest-growing churches in NYC. Additionally, his ministry reaches across the world through television and radio appearances; his consulting work can also be found on FOX drama series, and he has written for TV One, among other projects. Toure reportedly enjoys a good salary but lives a modest lifestyle while advocating social justice with humanitarian work.