VentureBeat – How Big is VentureBeat?


VentureBeat is an American technology website offering news, analysis, long-form features, interviews, and videos about transformative technologies such as AI and gaming.

This article is a press release, and its accompanying contribute button seems designed to make readers think it is not a scam. Unfortunately, however, the site refuses to reveal its funding sources.

About VentureBeat

VentureBeat is the go-to source for news and insight on tech innovation. Their news, analysis, and events provide executives, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts with the background needed to make intelligent decisions about tech trends spanning social media to mobile, small businesses to enterprises, health tech/cloud solutions/games, etc.

As staff time is limited, manual processes often necessitate prioritizing high-risk systems. Join top executives from San Francisco on July 11-12 as they share how they have integrated and optimized AI investments for maximum returns while avoiding common pitfalls.

VentureBeat can be hard to tell whether or not it is an independent publication. While they cover transformative technology like artificial intelligence and gaming extensively, their income relies heavily on industry sources, making them susceptible to industry pressures that might alter coverage decisions; furthermore, they have an option in the upper right corner that appears as though it solicits contributions.


If you are a startup hoping to reach venture capitalists, announcing your funding round on TechCrunch and VentureBeat may help maximize exposure – getting double coverage and more potential investors as a result. However, remember that these two sites each have distinct audiences and traffic flows; each can help promote your funding round differently.

VentureBeat is a leading source of news and insight on technology innovation. Coverage includes social, mobile, small business, enterprise health tech solutions, games technologies, and events such as roadshows or exclusive summits.

VentureBeat, founded in 2006 in San Francisco and funded by various venture capital investors such as Paycheck Protection Program, Crosslink Capital, Lightbank, Rally Ventures, and Formation 8, has an excellent media bias rating from Ad Fontes Media and All Sides respectively, and consistently receives high factuality scores for factual accuracy from these services. Furthermore, Ground News awards them high audience trust ratings.


VentureBeat is widely acknowledged as the go-to source for transformative technology news and events for business leaders. Furthermore, VB is widely respected as the top publisher for artificial intelligence coverage and gaming industry analysis.

VB Lab has recently unveiled its brand content studio, providing strategic consulting, storytelling opportunities across platforms, research reports/surveys, native content solutions, video series productions, and speaking engagements.

VB Lab audiences include influential VC investors, business executives, and tech industry leaders. As an opportunity for brand partners to reach this highly-targeted group of individuals with integrated graphic sponsorships and branded content amplification in streaming video, this platform presents brand partners with a unique chance of reaching this highly-targeted group with integrated graphic sponsorships and brand content amplification. Furthermore, live virtual events such as Roadshows and Summits will also take place via AnyClip’s Visual Intelligence platform; its first virtual event used AnyClip’s Visual Intelligence platform, which dramatically increased audience engagement 24X year over year thanks to AnyClip’s X-ray overlay call-to-action feature in video player UI that allowed greater visibility contextually aligning key sponsors and engaging users more directly with editorial video content created through AnyClip Visual Intelligence’s call-to-action feature that drove increased visibility, contextual alignment, interactivity with editorial video content created via AnyClip Visual Intelligence platform!


VentureBeat generates its revenues through advertising and events. Google AdSense accounts for most of their advertisements, while VentureBeat hosts Roadshows and Summits, allowing companies to network and create relationships with prospective customers.

VB also offers subscriptions, which attract corporate buyers and tech enthusiasts alike. Furthermore, the website conducts research and analysis on technology trends and innovation, founded in 2006 and headquartered in San Francisco.

VentureBeat provides its readers with a “contribute button,” which allows them to pay for the privilege of reading press releases published by VentureBeat. However, this practice falls far short of journalism; rather it conceals that VentureBeat receives payment from companies for providing PRs directly to its audience – breaching reader trust while prompting independent journalists to question funding sources of news outlets. While fixing this simple problem would only take minutes, most media entities don’t bother taking care to address it adequately.