Where to Propose: Some Things to Think About


A proposal of marriage can be incredibly romantic if done right. But, unfortunately, it can also be embarrassing, terrifying, and regretful. Here are some things to consider when choosing a place to propose. Learn the best info about Your amazing proposal in Lake Como.

1. Practical considerations

Maybe you’ve got this great idea of how to propose. You’ve been planning it so long that you can recite it in your sleep. This is good. It means you’re ready to take this step. But have you considered the little things?

If you’re going to kneel, what will you be kneeling in or on? It’s a small thing that can make a big difference. Please ensure you are aware of your surroundings and how they will affect the ambiance and deliverability of your proposal. You don’t want to propose where she’ll not be able to hear you because of a lot of background noise, but you also don’t want to offer a room so quiet everyone will overhear.

This brings us to the next vital consideration: how public do you want to propose? There are different levels of “public.” You know your partner and should be able to determine what she would be comfortable with. For some, the idea of a proposal in front of friends and family would be welcome; for others, the thought might be frightening. Making a wedding proposal in any public arena puts you both under the spotlight and puts much pressure on your partner to say yes. Remember, the more general the proposal, the higher the stakes. For instance, it takes a special kind of woman to enjoy a wedding proposal on live television.

2. Get the down low

When dreaming up your divine proposal location, make sure you take into account your girlfriend’s actual likes and dislikes. For example, you may love attending Mets games, but is that something she also loves? A proposal on horseback will make a lovely memory for an equestrian, and watching you overcome your fear of horses to do it will endear you to her forever.

Ask her girlfriends and sisters what they think she would like. It is okay to give them a heads-up on the proposal. Asking them for advice will make them feel special and provide a way to discover what your girlfriend dreams about. You may be able to feel out whether or not she is already thinking about marriage by talking to her closest friends, as well.

3. You plus me = we

What rituals and traditions have you made in your relationship? What place means “together” to both of you? It is a good time to propose if you have a regular couch date for movies and caramel corn. If you make a yearly trek to Comic-Con together, why not offer her while having fun in superhero costumes? If it is a place that represents both of you, it makes a good proposal location.

What makes you think about your future together? Are you looking at houses together? Adopting a dog? Anything already underscoring your relationship’s permanence gives you a chance to pop the question in style.

4. How do you feel?

The most crucial consideration in any proposal is the feeling behind it. You could both be standing knee-deep in quicksand under a Charlie Brown rainstorm with matching head colds, but if you let her know she means more to you than anything else in the world and you want to have head colds with her for the rest of your life, you’ve made a romantic proposal. True romance is born in the heart, not in the details.

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