Woo Sell Services Review


Many experts and professionals are now providing their freelancing expertise, either through a freelancing website or by developing their own platform. Using freelancing websites, you can earn money for yourself rather than for a corporation. Furthermore, it would enable freelancers to look for a wide range of employment possibilities. This review will help you quickly set up your own Fiverr, UpWork, or offer your skills online. In this article, we will look at the WooCommerce plugin WooSell Services, which assists many freelancers and professionals worldwide in selling their services globally. Afaids.org – Use the Power of Positive Thinking to Transform Your Life. To check out more about it click here.

WooSell Services

WooSell Services presented by Wbcom Designs enables professionals and other service providers to offer their services to customers. You may provide services in the same manner that you sell items with this WooCommerce plugin. Woo Sell Services created the “Services” product type.

This plugin enables entrepreneurs to offer services and conversation space for Shop Vendors and Customers to address any service needs. It also has a product review feature that allows consumers to score and assess their purchased services. There are over a hundred digital services available online.

You can easily give your services for the following:

  • Information Technology & Programming
  • Digital Marketing
  • Video and animation
  • Writing & Translation
  • Audio and music
  • Graphic Design

WooSell Services allows you to deliver over 100 services online.

Operation of WooSell Services

  • Create a service that functions similarly to a product

A vendor may provide a service in the same manner that a backend creates a digital product. Woo Offer Services, for example, adds a new Service tab to the product page, allowing a vendor to offer his service when it is clicked.

  • Including a Variety of Questions

In Woo Sell Services, a vendor may enter anticipated delivery dates and questions for completing service. Vendors can ask a consumer a series of questions with different criteria, and the order will not be achieved unless the client answers them all.

  • Order Processing Simplified

The WooSell Services plugin’s services administration functionality enables a vendor to manage all of his orders. This plugin adds a Services tab to the vendor’s My-account, making it simple to keep track of all services sold.

  • Email Notification

The vendor may also establish email triggers using Woo Sell Services. As a result, a vendor will receive an email informing them of the transaction and any future conversation triggers as soon as a service is bought.

  • A Discussion Board

Both the vendor and the customer can communicate with one another to resolve issues with the services provided. For example, a merchant might use this chat window to ask a consumer what he wants in real-time.

  • Delivery of the finished product

By introducing a checkbox, Woo Sell Services provides the seller the option of offering ultimate service delivery. It will be completed after the consumer has inspected and acknowledged the delivery. In addition, the vendor may keep a file that the buyer must download.

  • Adding Ratings and Reviews

Customers should be able to offer feedback to vendors. As a result, Woo Sell Services enable the seller to collect reviews from his consumers after the final delivery. The Woo review will be revealed alongside the ratings.

Woo Sell Services Advantages

  • Simple to use backend configuration

WooSell Services

On the ‘Service’ tab, vendors may access and update their services. They can also simply regulate the degree of variance in delivery dates. It’s simple to use, and the vendor may assign an order-level support agent if necessary.

Using the Woo Sell Services backend settings, you can simply conduct a live conversation with a customer. You may use a Conversation Map Backend Management of the Order Page to arrange your emails. Customer alerts are sent out automatically as a management tool to complete the essential information.

  • Section for Order Management

WooSell Services

The order management functionality of the plugin makes it easy for both the customer and the provider to manage their services. This plugin, which adds an order administration page to the site, allows customers and merchants to handle their orders.

  • Service Evaluations and Ratings

Both the seller and the client can assess and evaluate each other after the final delivery. When customers are pleased with a product or service, they can write a review for the vendor, leaving a review for the customer.

  • Multivendor Plugins are accepted

WooSell Services also supports multivendor b2b marketplace theme WordPress plugins like Dokan Multivendor, WCFM Marketplace, and WC Vendors. You may rapidly set up a Fiverr-style website using a WordPress multivendor plugin and the WooSell Services extension.

  • Personalized Choices

You can easily contact the staff if you require a specialized and more customized version of the addon.

  • Sell both physical and digital products

If you have a catalog of real or digital products you want to sell on your website, sell them. The WooSell Services extension will not prevent you from selling your items.

If recent developments are any indication, the future of freelancing is bright. A rising number of people opt to work where they want when they want and do the work they want. And using woocommerce to sell services is the best way to enter the market.