Fish Shop Near Me in Kolkata


Fish is such an integral part of Kolkata culture that it even has its catchphrase – “if you aren’t an eater of fish, then you don’t truly belong in Bengal!” This statement shows just how significant fish consumption is within this community.

Diamond Harbour Fish Market is known for offering affordable varieties of prawns. Furthermore, it also sells tangra and all at very reasonable rates.

Diamond Harbour Fish Market

Located at Rabindra Nagar, Diamond Harbour, South 24 Parganas Kolkata – known for their more affordable prices than other fish markets in the city – this market stands out due to its lower rates for various varieties of prawns like Tangra bhetki as well as fresh Hilsa. Also, find mussels and oysters here – plus, it is kept clean and tidy to guarantee new products reach you safely and are hygienically packed into boxes to reach their destinations safely.

Big Basket Fish Shop in Kolkata has become one of the most beloved seafood establishments nearby due to its reputation for fresh and delectable seafood dishes prepared by expert chefs who create healthy yet satisfying meals for customers. Alongside seafood offerings, this establishment also features meat and poultry dishes and an incredible wine and spirit selection, beauty supplies, and grocery items – plus Big Basket is even available in other major metro and tier 2 cities!

Kolkata’s Hilsa season is underway, with fishermen from Kakdwip, Namkhana, and Diamond Harbour harvesting their hauls of this Bengali specialty – but this time around, they have produced smaller-sized specimens than expected for sale in markets. Local markets have noticed and begun selling these juvenile fish at discounted rates under their “khoka ilish,” or young fish category.

Though harvest is abundant, supplies of hilsa are limited in city markets due to fishermen not being able to purchase high-value notes from banks due to the cash crunch in India. Many Digha, Kakdwip, and Diamond Harbour trawlers are stranded as they cannot pay mechanical taxes in new notes.

Howrah wholesale market may soon close as suppliers struggle to pay with new banknotes for the fish they offer customers. Before, sellers would deposit up to 1,000 tons daily; daily supply has reduced significantly to only 350 tons daily, and fresh seafood supplies have fallen considerably from Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

Big Basket

Big Basket is India’s premier online grocery shopping platform, providing fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, seafood and bakery items, household cleaning products, baby care items, and kitchen essentials to over 10 million registered customers across over 300 cities and towns across India. Their warehouse features complex logistics and an effective supply chain management system; customers can even shop using an Android app from the convenience of their homes!

Diamond Harbour Fish Market in Kolkata is famous for their delicious hilsa fish, which has become a favorite delicacy during Durga Puja. Packed with essential fatty acids and Omega-3s, its soft, oily texture and unique taste are irresistible. Available all year long but especially popular during Durga Puja celebrations.

Aar fish is a Bengali treat found at restaurants and markets around the city. With its mild flavor and a good source of proteins and calcium, this versatile fish is excellent for grilling, baking, or curry dishes alike – not to mention it has very little fat content, making it a healthy alternative to leaner meats!

Looking for something deliciously new to try or just some fresh seafood? Big Basket fish shop near me in Kolkata has just what you’re searching for. Their website is user-friendly, providing access to local suppliers with fresh fish for purchase and fruits & veggies, bakery items, and household goods delivered right to your door!

Mitra Cafe

Mitra Cafe of Kolkata is an iconic institution of Bengal’s snacking culture. Situated at Shobhabazar, Mitra Cafe has been providing tasty treats made with quality ingredients at very reasonable prices – most famously fish kabirajis and cutlets; however, Mitra also provides other delightful meals along with incredible ambiance and service!

Ganesh Mitra established Mitra Restaurant on Jatindra Mohan Avenue in 1910. Two years later, when Ganesh Mitra found himself unable to run it, he gave it to Sushil Roy, who has run it successfully ever since under the original name of Ganesh Mitra’s ownership. Over time, many celebrities and prominent figures have frequented this eatery due to its delicious mutton kabirajis, fish diamond fries, and prawn cutlets, among many other offerings.

Food at this establishment is highly authentic and reflects Kolkata’s rich heritage, while its staff is friendly and always ready to assist with whatever you are searching for. Perfect for date nights or group outings, its excellent customer service guarantees an enjoyable experience for anyone visiting this vibrant city!

Mitra Restaurant & Catering Services has earned a name as an outstanding destination for weddings and other special events, boasting an expansive banquet space capable of accommodating small and large parties. Their team of professional caterers will ensure your big day goes perfectly.

Mitra offers traditional Bengali and Mughlai delicacies to satisfy any appetite, from their famous mutton kabiraji and brain chop dishes to fish diamond fry, prawn cutlets, and toast. Their variety of fresh juices and shakes will quench your thirst, and there’s always chocolate pudding for dessert! A must-try dish!

Bhetki Corner

Bhetki fillet is at the core of this Bengali dish, offering light yet mild flavor with few bones that make it a fish lover’s dream. Found throughout Southeast Asia to northern Australia and Papua New Guinea waters, also referred to as barramundi in some countries, versatile enough to be cooked steamed in banana leaves with mustard paste or deep-fried for a zesty Kasundi sauce!

This fish shop near Kolkata is one of the finest spots to enjoy traditional Bengali bhetki macher paturi. Additionally, they serve delicious dab chingri and fish kalia dishes at reasonable prices and with 24-hour access – perfect!

Order bhetki macher paturi or other dishes directly from their website, and they’ll prepare and deliver them straight to your doorstep hygienically. Additionally, they sell fresh bhetki fish procured directly from local boats approved for supply.

Bhetki Corner offers delicious Bengali fare at reasonable prices, fish fry at excellent value, and other dishes like pakoras and cutlets – ideal for date night dining or casual dinners with friends.

At this eatery in Kolkata’s heart lies an ideal venue for sampling various Bengali dishes. The restaurant’s friendly owner will gladly serve anything on their menu; vegetarians can access their unique selection. Their helpful staff members can answer all your queries; you might even experience their drool-worthy bhetki fish fry!