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Find all details regarding Helmet Shops in Kolkata, such as Address, Phone number, Reviews, and Ratings. Whether shopping for a new bike or upgrading your current helmet, this guide can help you make an informed choice and secure the best prices on quality products from various vendors in the Kolkata area.

Vega Crux Open-Face Helmet

Featuring an elegant yet durable design, the Vega Crux Open Face Helmet is an excellent choice for bike riders. Crafted with a lightweight yet strong ABS material shell, its scratch-resistant and UV-protective visor provides added protection. There’s also an optically correct drop-down sun shield against dust, bugs, and the sun!

This helmet offers both comfort and ventilation; its padding cushions your head against any potential rubbing, while its removable interior lining can be washed for added ease of care. Furthermore, airflow is controlled via several vents that can be opened or closed to manage airflow as needed – features make this helmet perfect for long rides, off-road adventures, or any motorbike ride.

Another key advantage of open-face helmets is their expansive field of view. While full-face helmets tend to cover much of a rider’s mouth and nose, open-face ones provide greater visibility – especially helpful when riding in groups where communication between riders is paramount.

This helmet is ECE and DOT-approved, making it an excellent choice for safety. Its sleek, lightweight design and attractive colors make it the ideal option for anyone seeking a stylish yet practical helmet at a highly competitive price. Plus, it comes in multiple colors to complete your look! Plus, don’t forget that even the safest helmet won’t protect you if you ride recklessly; always obey traffic regulations, wear your helmet correctly, and don’t ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs!

SMK Twister Full Face Helmet With Pinlock Fitted Clear Visor

The SMK Twister Full Face Helmet With Pinlock Fitted Clear Visor is one of the most acclaimed helmets on the Indian market, having been designed by some of Europe’s best and expert designers and produced in India by Studds (who produce around four million helmets annually for needs globally). Designed in Europe by some of Europe’s best and expert designers and then manufactured here by Studds (who produce four million helmets annually) – it offers an unrestricted view from within its shell while vents can provide excellent air exchange when riding through rain, fog or other weather conditions – as well as its original Pinlock(r) ready visor which reduces temperature differences between inside the helmet and outside temperature differences within itself reducing disparities within.

The outer shell comprises EIRT thermoplastic resin that offers superior impact resistance. Furthermore, its differentiated density EPS interior surface absorbs any energy released upon impact with an object. Again, its fully removable, hypoallergenic inner liner can be washed regularly and has an adjustable micrometric buckle that allows quick-release adjustment.

This visor is easy to open and close with just one button push near its ratchet mechanism and features superb side-to-side and vertical visibility without distortion. In addition, its breath deflector keeps the wind off your neck during rides while not blocking vision; additionally, it comes equipped with a Pinlock 30-ready visor, but you can upgrade this model up to Pinlock 70 for optimal vision.

Cruiser W/P M.Blue Helmet

Classic open-face helmet designed to meet and surpass FMVSS 218 safety standards. Lightweight and boasting an eye-catching peak with a textured finish and silent chin strap lock, its interior can be tailored specifically for an optimal fit and meets and surpasses all FMVSS 218 regulations.

Optical polycarbonate is scratch-resistant, and the UV-resistant visor is easy to use and features a built-in drop-down sun shield for protection from the elements. In addition, there is also an anti-fog insert and fog-resistant clear visor; furthermore, its aerodynamic shape with racing-developed front air vents ensures maximum performance at higher speeds while its wind tunnel-tested spoiler reduces turbulence and drag.

The K1 was developed using AGV’s racing technology to meet every road challenge head-on. Its compact shape offers maximum comfort, while the thermoplastic outer shell provides resilience and solidity. The Pinlock anti-fog system ensures effective fog reduction while Dry-Comfort soft removable interiors offer no compromise comfort. Furthermore, aerodynamic designs with racing-developed front air vents maximize performance, offering broad vertical and lateral fields of vision through its anti-scratch visor.

Sage Square Multi-Purpose Half Helmet for Men and Women

An essential accessory for every bike rider, Xinor offers ISI-certified motorcycle helmets to both men and women. Their Nexo half helmet is an affordable yet comfortable solution with its ABS shell and breath deflector to stop hot air from reaching the visor, minimizing fogging. Furthermore, its scratch-resistant UV-treated visor makes seeing ahead easier.

The Vega Crux Open Face Helmet is an excellent option for anyone searching for a stylish yet safe helmet. This model stands out with an antibacterial interior, quick-release micrometric buckle chin strap to facilitate wearing and removal, and convenient features like a flip-up mechanism and an easily changeable visor for optimal safety.

Helmets are essential equipment for bikers, and the Vega Crux Open Face Helmet can be found at numerous helmet shops across Kolkata. Constructed from ABS material and ISI-certified for protection in an accident, its visor provides scratch resistance against denting while inner cushioning absorbs impact energy to lessen the shock.

GoMechanic – Instinct Series- Delta

GoMechanic is a brand that designs and manufactures premium motorcycle helmets. Their helmets are created with the adventurous spirit of bikers, offering exceptional protection and extra comfort over extended rides. In addition, GoMechanic provides other bike accessories to make riding safer and more straightforward.

The Instinct Series-Delta helmet is an ISI-approved lightweight helmet for women and men that features an attractive, aerodynamic design in three colors – making for reduced buffeting and lifting during rides while the upgraded ABS shell boasts incredible strength, heat resistance, and corrosion protection.

Experts have recognized the Instinct Series-Delta helmet as one of the safest helmets available to consumers in India, and it can be purchased at a highly reasonable price. Furthermore, buyers can access additional cashback offers and discounts when shopping through INRDeals – create a free account at INRDeals to start earning cashback with every purchase made from here on out!

Axor – Vega Crux Color Changing Helmet

Axor helmets come in an assortment of colors to meet individual preferences and are handcrafted using traditional leather that has been manufactured without harming animals and steam-cleaned to give an exclusive look. Handcrafted helmets also give each one its unique character and texture, while various sizes are available to accommodate different head sizes.

These lightweight helmets feature double D-rings, providing a secure fit around the chin and preventing it from being lost or stolen. In addition, an EPS liner fits closely to the shape of human heads for maximum protection, while its anti-dust coating makes cleaning quick and straightforward.

Gear Up, Kolkata’s complete riding gear store; Bikers World Motorcycle Helmets & Accessories store; Gupta TRADING CO (Helmets); and Aman.Co is among the many stores that specialize in helmet sales in Kolkata. Their staff is well informed so that when making your purchase they are more than able to assist.