The Magnum Hen by J.J. Lares Is My New Favorite Duck Call: Here’s Why


Duck hunting has been a popular pastime for thousands of years, and there are many different methods to do it. Some hunters like to entice the ducks with calls, while others use decoys. There is no right or wrong choice; it’s all about what works and what doesn’t. On the market, you’ll find numerous varieties of duck calls with distinct sounds. This blog post will cover the J.J. Lares Duck Call – The Magnum Hen, which is your new favorite way to attract huge ducks and is available at Kittles Outdoor in Colusa, CA!

JJ Lares Duck Calls

The JJ Lares call has a well-rounded sound from top to bottom on each call, thanks to its machined acrylic construction. These calls have a fantastic bottom-end rasp as well as strong control in the high register. The transitions between low, medium, and loud volumes are seamless. The die-cut reeds ensure uniformity in tolerances. The unique saliva ejector mechanism eliminates any doubt about whether or not saliva buildup has occurred, ensuring that the call will not get blocked or change tone as a result of bad weather or saliva accumulation. And after purchasing, you won’t have to adjust, tune, or trim the call again.

JJ Lares Magnum Hen

From top to bottom, this is the finest enchilada. Hybrid’s deeper, more powerful hen tone, but with all of their range and flexibility. There’s a little more back pressure at the bottom of the harsh range, which is beneficial for nasally tones and clucks. It offers a large volume and power when you need to create a lot of noise. The JJ Lares Magnum is a loud, assertive-sounding call with plenty of oomph. The Magnum Hen is a pleasure to blow and handle for lengthy periods in the field if you want an extra call to use while hunting.

Kittles Outdoor: Your Source for JJ Lares Calls

Kittle’s Outdoor & Sport was established in 1999 by brothers Scott and Patrick Kittle in Colusa, California. The family still runs it today and it is located in Uptown Colusa, California. Kittle’s is well-known for its wide range of waterfowl necessities throughout the state of California. Because we are only one block from the Colusa-Sacramento River State Park and are near three additional national wildlife refuges (Grey Life Wildlife Area, Delevan, Sutter), as well as the Sutter Delta and Sacramento Delta National Wildlife Refuges, our fishing department has a large selection of live bait and fish food. Our staff’s expertise is unrivaled.

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The finest duck call is JJ Lares. Since we first opened our doors in 1999, JJ Lares calls have been a regular for hunters. Come by and listen to how our extensive range of hunting, fishing, and outdoor gear may help you add form, function, and flair to your tough activities. Kittles Outdoor Store in Colusa, California sells a variety of different types of duck calls with distinct noises that may be discovered elsewhere on the market.

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