The Motus Health Yukon Chiropractic Clinic offers treatments to help with sciatica, weight loss, back pain, and neck pain.


We provide care to individuals from all areas of Yukon, as well as surrounding regions. We specialize in back pain, sciatica, obesity, and other ailments. Our treatments are based on the most up-to-date research, and we think you should be able to live your life to the fullest. Please contact us immediately if you want to set up an appointment with us!

Motus Health: The Yukon Chiropractic Clinic That Cares

We believe you were built to live a lot more than simply to survive. You weren’t only created to endure, but also to flourish in this world. Pain and sickness are not acceptable side effects of life; it’s time to start reaping the benefits of better mobility. A Chiropractor with expertise treating people from a variety of walks of life can provide you with a wide range of chiropractic and brain-based therapies that have been demonstrated by medical research to help you walk faster, feel better, and recover faster!

Knee Pain

Fast pain alleviation, on the one hand, is simply one aspect of the picture. The intriguing thing about joint decompression is that it truly creates a vacuum in the knee joint, drawing new fluid into the region. This new fluid contains a variety of healing chemicals, allowing your damaged knee to heal naturally over time as a result of this. We utilize various extra therapies at both our clinic and at home to treat your knee problem correctly regardless of its source.

Back Pain

We take various methods with each customer. Each client is treated differently. Every client receives a distinct therapy. A diverse range of adjustments are used on each customer. If you’ve had work done in the past that you like, we’ll most likely repeat it or at the very least comparable work here or there if you want light contact with no twisting or popping. Some clients desire physical joint adjustments, while others just want a light touch without any severe manipulation. We can meet both demands and anything in between. We generally employ several spinal manipulations, extremity manipulation, and drop tables (including flexion and distraction) to relieve lower back discomfort.

Weight Loss

Our technique is straightforward to implement and does not require you to limit your calorie intake instead than following a complicated diet or rigorous exercise. Diet and exercise will have an impact since any form of weight reduction therapy has an influence, especially if a person tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle but fails. Supplementation (individually advised), some physical activity, and enough water may help lymphatic stimulation in order to improve the outcomes!

Visit the Chiropractor Yukon OK Trusts

You deserve the greatest when it comes to your health. That is why Motus Health specializes in chiropractic therapy for sciatica, obesity treatment, back discomfort, and neck pain. Our clinic employs treatments that are based on recent neuroscience research and has been licensed by a board-certified specialist chiropractor in Yukon OK that we trust. Make an appointment with us right now!

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